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Established in 1992 “Fredrick Tyler Campbell” was born January 18th in Lubbock Tx. Growing up around Texas music Tizz3lbeatz decided to combine that with his own unique style to deliver the sound you hear today. With “ DJ Screw “ as his inspiration growing up he knew anything was possible. Over the years he never took the money and music seriously, it was all about drugs and the gun life. Understanding his inspiration, “I’m inspired by you, my fans... I’m addicted to your inspiration, you are what inspire me” is what made him start taking this seriously in March of 2019. With help from “Cuban “40B” Diego” and “The Beat Bros” and many more members of GSMG they established over 1 Million Streams on Spotify in 2020 on the beat tape “Fuck It Sue Me” now with hit singles like “1976” Tizz3lbeatz has transformed his beat making into an up incoming Independent Artist. He owns his masters and his music. He is what will change 2021. Will you give his music a chance?

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